Love’s circle

I share your joy
Your completion of bliss
Your inner keepers memory of love
What you have been missing
Has been returned
I see the smile of those
Lost in your eyes.

– Kiana 2013

Word of the day: Rainbow

I started this word of the day challenge a few weeks ago and if nothing else, it is inspiring me to write something everyday. Yet daily I find myself saying I’m not going to keep this up -this is the last word, but then someone will say something or I’ll read something and a random word will take over my day.
Rainbow…. Not sure why that word stuck! But here goes


Thank you

Thank you

Inside the books
on my crowded shelves
lives God

written by women
who channeled
their gifts and birthed worlds
I’ve had the pleasure to travel

that have stripped me
down to nakedness
and frantically I’ve searched
my flesh for answers

stripped my mind
until I’ve spoken words
that honored my knowing.

women who have challenged me
to pry open my mouth
and speak my sounds
into existence
women who have inspired me
to clamor under rain
and dance self-worth

whose wisdom have sat me down
and feed me
life’s cruel beauties
sometimes their words
felt crammed down my throat
but I managed to swallow them.

I have glimpsed
genius so pure
in all of you
and each story
has given me the courage
to honor my filled cup.
© Kiana Davis 2013

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