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September 2015

Saul Williams and Leija Farr 

Thursday night I got to meet Saul Wiiliams, and hear my powerful niece read her poem. I love Saul Williams. His poetry is amazing.   



Poetry Prompt Tuesday #greatlesson #poetry

Write a poem thanking a mistake that turned out to be a great lesson:

I thought I would disappear

unable to survive the pain of eating my own words,

but walking a tight rope for your forgiveness

has taught me to love inside a humbled place of peace.  

Kiana Davis

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Signup and receive a free copy of my 31 days of Poetry eBook!!
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Glass #poetry 


#selfpublished Excited about sharing my poetry!

Hello everyone,

My poetry books are now being carried at the African American Museum. If you don’t live in the Seattle area, both of my books are available on Amazon.


Destiny #compass 


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Burn #poetry 


Reclaim #poetry

To reclaim your heart you have to let go all of the conflicting messages forced upon you since you were born.  How can we love, be, or even dream when everything has been altered to match a stride that does not fit your own???   I-do-not-want-to-forget

The Power of Self Love

Lately, I am finding it very important to remember to say love for myself.  It’s great to love others and be a source of comfort for others, but self care is just as important.


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