Senseless Acts

I wrote this poem In memory of the young men of color being murdered by law enforcement. I watched Michael Brown’s news coverage today and I cried for him and his family. I have yet to watch any of the covers of the other men recently murdered by the police. It’s heart breaking to sayContinue reading “Senseless Acts”

Beauty within the scars of oppression

When I read reviews about my poetry collection, I am always amazed and thankful. I had no idea my poetry would be used as a tool to help people. Digging For Roots Book Review: Kiana Davis has written a book of poems, Digging for Roots, that embodies the experiences of so many students and adultsContinue reading “Beauty within the scars of oppression”

Conjuring Love

Celebrating 50 Years After MLK Speech Conjuring Love Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We gathered under his voice because he had the courage to bare our sorrows humanizing our dark skin. He taught us to stand for peace without fear to let go of the shame and fight for equality. We followed himContinue reading “Conjuring Love”