Senseless Acts

I wrote this poem In memory of the young men of color being murdered by law enforcement. I watched Michael Brown’s news coverage today and I cried for him and his family. I have yet to watch any of the covers of the other men recently murdered by the police. It’s heart breaking to say the least. Micheal’s story just ripped my heart out.

I have students that look like the Gentle Michael, and I have a brother named Michael. I am afraid for them. Our Black men who walk the streets feeling like targets on levels I will never understand.

I pray for the end of Black on Black violence and the open season some law enforcement agents are having on Black men in this country.


Beauty within the scars of oppression

When I read reviews about my poetry collection, I am always amazed and thankful. I had no idea my poetry would be used as a tool to help people.

Digging For Roots Book Review:
Kiana Davis has written a book of poems, Digging for Roots, that embodies the experiences of so many students and adults in this country. Kiana has laid herself bare in a series of poems about her struggles as a young Black woman developing identity. After reading the poems, I was so impressed with her transparency and the relevance of her words to the work I do with teachers and students that I immediately recommended the book to a principal who was beginning a book study. I believe Kiana’s book paints a very clear picture of the world in which students of color and students of poverty live and attempt to navigate systems that are not designed for them. I would recommend this book to adolescents, particularly young women of color and anyone who works with this population.

Erin Jones
Parent of three teenage students
Director of AVID
Tacoma Public Schools

Please purchase a copy of Digging For Roots on
Digging For Roots Ebook


Conjuring Love

Celebrating 50 Years After MLK Speech

Conjuring Love

Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

We gathered under his voice

because he had the courage

to bare our sorrows

humanizing our dark skin.

He taught us

to stand for peace

without fear

to let go of the shame

and fight for equality.

We followed him

because he walked his dreams

and dared to fight back

against a system

that killed

to keep us out

of their apple pie reveries

He conjured love

that moved the world

leaving our children

with a martyr

that can never be

silenced or denied.

© Kiana Davis 2013

from Kiana Davis’ collection of poetry Digging For Roots available on