Digging For Roots: 

                          When their stories didn’t reach my ears,

I rebelled against my own skin

too young to realize that without their stories

I would starve.

​(c) Kiana Davis Digging For Roots


Digging For Roots


 From These Roots Up 

From These Roots Up Bookcover


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  1. Having read the Malcolm X / Alex Haley (auto)biography many years ago, I understand a little, as an observer an ocean away.

  2. I loved your book!! Your poems were refreshing! In particular “Black Girl Lost”! As I read it, I was mentally taken back to a time as a young girl having no sense of who I was. Trying to “fit in” to what I thought people would like, not understanding my own identity. This poem speaks to many young girls in the same space. I am honored to be able to use this awesome work as motivation or my youth groups poetry program this Fall! Kiana I wish you many blessings, you have a gift and destined for greatness!

    Founder/Executive Director

    1. Thank you so much, Dawn. I’m so glad you enjoyed my book and I look forward to working with you and the girls this fall and in the future. I believe what you are doing is amazing and our girls really need mentors like you.


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