Digging For Roots: 


When their stories didn’t reach my ears,

I rebelled against my own skin

too young to realize that without their stories

I would starve.

​(c) Kiana Davis Digging For Roots

As a little girl,  I drew some harsh conclusions about Black America because of the lack of  black dolls on toy store shelves. In my mind, every black doll looked just like me. Whenever my mother took me shopping and the store was out of black dolls, somehow I came to believe that if black dolls were unimportant- so was I.  Growing up, I carried the belief that black little girls didn’t matter.

    It wasn’t until attending a historical black college and reading Malcolm X that I realized the truth about who I was and where I came from. This book of poetry is the story of my journey digging for roots and finding love for not only myself but my heritage.

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My second book From These Roots Up will available soon!!

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