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Poetry sits in the center of Awakenings.

Poetry the bridge 




Love #sixwordstory 

Heart of Gold 

A moment that was meant to scar me and make me feel inferiority’s binding weight is now a moment I get to redefine. Thank you this awesome gift, Richard Gold, founder of Pongo Poetry ! She will be at all my poetry workshops.  Her names : Visibility Matters. 


Happy New Year 

Happy New Year What are your writing goals for 2017? 

Key to Key #Poetry

Poetic Narratives

“From These Roots Up is book of poetry that delivers with heart-wrenching honesty. Kiana Davis tells her story and the stories of so many others. Through powerful vignettes of what if feels like to grow up with the odds stacked against you and still become the success you always knew you would be, Davis invites others into her world of pain and triumph.”  It’s a must read for young people and all others who need inspiration and hope!

— Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz, Associate Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University

Autographed copies of From These Roots Up & From These Roots Up are available order you copies today


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